Fedor Bondarchuk

Fedor Bondarchuk

Art Director

A director, a producer, an actor

Fedor Bondarchuk was born in Moscow on May 9th, 1967. He was brought up in a family of filmmakers, and was no stranger to this profession. His father, Sergei Bondarchuk, was an internationally acclaimed film actor and an Academy Award-winning director. And his mother, Irina Skobtseva, is a Russian film actress known as Helen Kuragina in epic film War and Peace (1967), a powerful adaptation of the eponymous masterpiece by Leo Tolstoy by director Sergei Bondarchuk.
In the year 1985 Fedor entered the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), but after a year of study he went to serve in the Army. In 1987 he returns to the institute and in the year 1991 he graduates from the class of Yuri Ozerov as a film director. At the same time he founded the production company "Art Pictures Group" which specialized in music videos and ad spots. In 2002 it was renamed into “Art Pictures Studio” which started as a film production company. Since that time Fedor Bondarchuk has been making a variety of projects, ranging from music and advertising videos to feature films. He hosts several TV projects for which he received the TEFI-2003 award in the category The Best Entertainment Show Host (Armchair at the CTC), teaches at the General University of Management, and he is engaged in a restaurant business.
Fedor Bondarchuk is also a member of the council of the Molodaya Gvardiya youth flank of the Edinaya Rossiya Party and a Member of the Council of the President of the Russian Federation for culture and art. His fame comes from the ability to combine these roles into a force that has made him one of Russia’s leading cinema personalities.

1. Honorary Award for Contribution to International Cinema on the 47th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival (Turkey, October 2010)
2. Award Winner of TAFI-2003 in the category "Best television anchorman of an entertainment program" ("Armchair", CTC-TV).
3. Award Winner of the Professional Film Actors Constellation Award 2002 in the category Best Supporting Actor (FILM ABOUT A FILM)

1. Nika 2003 - Best Supporting Actor (FILM ABOUT A FILM)
2. Nika 2006 –Best Breakthrough Performance (9th company)
3. Nika 2006 - Best Director (9th company)
4. Golden Eagle 2006 - Best Director (9th company)
5. Golden Eagle 2008 - Best Actor (Vice)
6. MTV RUSSIAN MOVIE AWARDS 2008 - Best Actor (Im staying)
7. MTV RUSSIAN MOVIE AWARDS 2008 - Best Villain (Vice)

A spy affair (2011)
Wedding Exchange (2011)
The two days (2011)
White Guard (2011)
Alias for a Hero (2010)
Lecturer (TV series) (2010)
Wild Happiness (2010)
Pirammmida (2010)
Loveoff (2010)
Moscow, I love you! (2010)
The Inhabited Island: The Rebellion (2009) The Best Movie 2 (2009)
Inhabited Island (2008)- Prosecutor
Admiral (2008)
18-14 (2007) - Tolstoy
Vise (2007)- Verner
An actress (2007)
I am staying (2007) - instructor
Seven cabins (2007) - Diller
Three graces (2006)
The Heat (2006)
Nine Months(2006) (mini) TV Series Kostya
Happy People (2006)
Cottage for sale (2005)
The 9th Company (2005) Khokhol
The State Counsellor(2005)- Burchinsky
Dont Cry Mommy 2 (2005) Political strategist
The Fall of the Empire (2005) (mini) TV Series- General Denikin
From 180 & Taller (2005) .... Savik
Best friends Birthday (2004)
Our Own (2004).... Polizmeister
Mans job 2 (Tv series) (2002) major Rebrov
In Motion (2002).... Gazizov
The Film about a film (2002).... Nikolay Zhiltsov
Mans job (Tv series) (2001) major Rebrov
Down House (2000).... Count Myshkin
Formula of Happiness (2000)
Shop Window (2000) (TV)
8 ½ $ (1999) .... Fedor/Stepan
Middle Age Crisis (1997)
Shooting Angels (1994)
Angels of Death (1993)
The Possessed (1992)
The Arbiter (1992)
Stalingrad (1989)
Boris Godunov (1986).... Tsarevitch Fedor

1. Stalingrad (2012)
2. Winter queen (2012)
3. The Inhabited Island: the rebellion (2009)
4. The Inhabited Island (2008)
5. Quiet flows the Don (2006)
6. The 9th company (2005)
7. Feel love (1993)

1. The phobos (2010)
2. The Inhabited Island: the rebellion (2009)
3. The Inhabited Island (2008)
4. Quiet flows the Don (2006)
5. The heat (2006)
6. The 9th company (2005)
7. Diary of kamikaze (2003)
8. Black ice (2003)
9. In motion (2002)